Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Fans" Are Out of Control

The anti- RichRod talk is just getting ridiculous. There was recently an article on ESPN.com about how Bill Martin is sticking behind RichRod despite some of the recent losses (and what did you expect him to do, Bill Martin backed Carr after losing to App. State). After the article, I began to peruse the comments left by the Neanderthals that lurk ESPN.com Conversation sections in search of a sense of self worth and validation for their opinions. What follows are actual comments left by (I assume) actual people.

bill martin has to back dickrod, because if this thing dont work out..........and it wont then he might be out of a job to. michigan has made a few coaching changes in the last 33 years, and this coach is the first not to go to a bowl, whats wrong ? let me tell u, michigan wasnt ready for the spread this year. but it is the only offense he knows. michigan might go 3-9 this year. so next year if he recruits the right players he might go 4-8 or 5-7 and he can say " look we r making progress " so after 4 or 5 seasons this idiot might get u to a bowl. to me thats not michigan football. the whole country is laughing at your program right now, i dont know how that would feel after being on top for over 50 years. good luck with coach dick rod. oh, and 6 or 7 years from now if you guys go 12-0 and win the national championship, and div.3-a cal poly tech comes along and offers him an extra thousand dollars, he will leave you. dont u people get it ? he not only screwed a whole state. (his home state) but he threw the final game of the year so that w.v.u. wouldnt go to the bcs national game, so that he could go on his knees to ask michigan for a job. i hope the people that hired this man without morals go down with him after he screws your program up. GOOD LUCK ALL

Wow, where to begin? I think I’ll address this with the “Compliment sandwich,” where I start with something nice, find something I disagree with, then finish with something nice. Sooo…something nice…ok, “dickrod,” is very clever…for a third grader. Something that I disagree with…Michigan not ready for the spread and “might” go 3-9 this year. Hey professor, guess what? RichRod went 3-8 his first year at WVU. Then he followed that up with 9-4, 8-5, 8-4, 11-1 and 11-2. How about you help yourself to a history book, you retard.

Ok, screw the compliment sandwich. Michigan being on top for the last 50 years? Does that include last year when a senior laden team lost to App State, Wisconsin (who RichRod BEAT this year), Oregon, and Ohio State? Does that include Carr’s last 5 years of getting owned by Tressel? Are you including the bowl streak that includes about 8 consecutive years at the prestigious Citrus/Capital One/Whoever buys it out this year Bowl? As in, the first game on New Year’s day that everyone sleeps through because of their hangover? At least this year I get to sleep in. Yeah, that’s on top, all right.

And yes, I’m sure RichRod would leave Michigan to go to Cal Poly Tech. Because that would be the same thing as leaving awesome West Virginia for a program with some actual tradition. You know, West Virginia, the state that exists so that Ohio isn’t automatically classified as the worst state in the Union.

And I’m sure RichRod threw the game against Pitt, what, with his Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback injured and star running back all of a sudden putting the ball on the ground every other play. Did you watch the game?

The thing RichRod lacked in WV was an actual defense. They were always a decent defense away from being a constant #1 contender. You can get any speedy guys to run the spread, but now, with actual recruiting power, he will get the players he needs to create a top rated defense.

Next comment, please.

I hate to say, no, scratch that, I LOVE to say we told you so. I love every minute that UM is losing, I love every boo that rains down, I love the fact that he's scared before every game(and I have confirmed that before th PSU game he was pacing his 12000 sq ft house nervously). When UM first picked him up and all of the blue and gold fan base was angry, all you UM fans did was rub in it. I remember one fan telling us that RR was too good of a coach to be at WVU and to have fun slipping back in to mediocrity.

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4. the douchebag that wrote the above post

Who installed the internet down in West Virginia? This is why we can’t have nice things.

I’ll address this with facts, instead of emotions:

West Virginia 3, East Carolina 24
West Virginia 14, Colorado 17
West Virginia Victories (Div 1-A Record): Villanova (1-1), Marshall (2-4), Rutgers (1-5), Syracuse (0-6). Combined Division 1-A record: 4-16. One word: Impressive.

Michigan Victories: Wisconsin (3-4), Miami OH (1-5). Combined 1-A record: 4-9. A few words: Better than the WVU numbers, any way you look at it.


Everyone wants to give Rich Rod a break - BS - All I see is a coach that CANNOT make second half adjustments and doesn't play to HIS players strengths (which by the way is a sign of a good coach). I have been a fan my entire life and will continue to be a fan - BUT THIS MAN NEEDS TO GO!!!! It's like he wants to lose so next year if he wins 5 we'll be stupid enough to think he's a good coach - DON'T be fooled HE ruined a program THAT WASN'T BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, how about some facts to spread some light to your miserable existence.

Michigan players taken in the 2008 NFL Draft:
Adrian Arrington
Mike Hart
Chad Henne
Jake Long
Mario Manningham

As a Michigan Fan, do you recognize these names? You should, because they made EVERY PLAY OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE LAST YEAR. And they are no longer on the team. If RichRod had come in and run the ho-hum I formation with occasional spread on obvious passing downs (aka “The Carr”), how much better do you really think they would be? One game? Two games? All the while delaying the inevitable switch to the spread that has to take place at some point, because it was the whole point of hiring RichRod. At some point, they just have to bite the bullet and have some growing pains. The team hasn’t quit on him yet, that’s all that really matters. Stop acting like a downriver, Carhart-wearing, community college degree having “fan” that demands wins, has no patience, and can’t

It hurts me to see the Maize and Blue lose too, but the difference between me and you is that I’m not retarded and I don’t expect a 9 win season from a bunch of freshmen and a handful of players that weren’t quite ready to jump ship to the NFL. Get this through your thick skulls: The talent level at Michigan is way down compared to last year- mostly on the offensive side of the ball. Lots of potential, just not quite ready for the big time yet.

One last word- RICHRODROX!


Anonymous said...

Come to West Virginia and make fun of us in person...I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an airport to fly into?

brian said...

yes they do!!!!

I hope for continued grief for the Greedy SOB - reminds me of Manny Ramirez!

Anonymous said...

RR lacked an actual defense??? If i remember correctly WVU had the 7th best defense last year.

Anonymous said...

West Virginia - bunch of white trash redneck delinquents. I wouldn't shit in that state.

Anonymous said...

West Virginia is like the fat kid who somehow got a cute girlfriend and then got dumped when she realized she could do better. Get over her you fat ass! Why the hell would rich Rod want to stay in your stink hole? he is better than you so he left, get over it.

Jeff Sheen said...

Seasons like this one separate the bandwagon Michigan fans from real fans.

We whined for change under Lloyd -- and we actually saw it in last year's Florida game. :) But now we have that change, and it's gonna take some time.

Good to see a blog that swims upstream, it's just too easy to beat on M right now (see: SI, ESPN, popular pundits).

Anonymous said...

What a sht site - how can anybody be a fan of RICHROD so far this year - he abndons his alma mater after signing a new contract, refuses to pay the buyout (u of m bails him out for 2.5mm), comes to M and ignores at least 3 traditions ( Braylon edwards #1 jersy to WR, No Senior Co-captains ona team that is cryong out for Senior leadership, and No Michigan Replay coaches show after 38 years). When asked about these he says he wasn't aware - but as someone else said - he NEVER asked.
What a fkn ego maniac.
He brings in his stenght coach and a $1mm weight room in order to help M finish games strong - what happens against Illinois and Penn State - start strong - finsh wrong!
He has running QB when we need to pass and Passing QB in when we try to establish run.
AS a Life long M fan (38 years) I hope it works out but I haven't seen anything that makes me smile - Lloyd Carr might not have been exciting and maybe it was time for a change but he was helluva lot better that RichrOD is so far.
BTW the BOwl streak would be infinately longer had the Bifg TEn allowed more thna one team to go to abowl game each year unlike some of the other conferences.
missing bo

Anonymous said...

I suppose you have to expect the "Ohio" comment from such an idiot. I could care less about RichRod. He is a non-factor. What has he ever won. Playing in the Big East? I know the Big10 is not the strongest conference these days, but it is still light years ahead of the Big East. RichRod is a no-class, jerk, who would sell out his grandmother for the almighty dollar.

RichRodRox said...

In all honesty, I don't really know that much about West Virginia. Most of my experience is based on driving through the WV turnpike in the mountains and seeing third world trailer park countries in the valleys between toll road stations. I don't have much against the people there- other than they all appear to be sadists infatuated with the demise of their once beloved coach. Really, if you hate him so much now, and he went from the greatest to the biggest sellout overnight, just be glad to be rid of him and MOVE ON.

Jeff, thanks for the insightful comments. I agree completely- maybe now some of the downriver fans can jump on the State bandwagon (or hey, even Toledo!) and stop making Michigan fans look like jackasses in general. Of course, these will be the first people right back on the bandwagon as soon as things start turning around.

Anon after Jeff, I understand your pain, I see the same issues- but I draw different conclusions. It's a whole new regime- something not seen at UM since the start of the Bo days. There are going to be mixups on traditions. There is NO talent at QB, run, pass, shoot, fumble, whatever. I would argue that neither has put together a complete QUARTER, much less a game. I urge you to be patient. And please leave me a link to your site, so I can learn from the best to improve my "sht" site.

Ohioboy- I actually lived in Ohio for a while. Everything bad ever said about it is justified. Seriously. I could write a whole entry on how much I dislike Ohio- but I'm a Michigan fan, so what do you expect? I thought there was an understanding for the two states to hate each other in peace. However, I may have overstated it's status in the bottom 49 states- On a good day it probably makes the top 40. As for selling out, don't be such a hater. You would sell out too if there was something of value you did with your life that put you in the position to sell out.

Anonymous said...

oh hey first commentator. I'm in the huntington area about 4 times a year to visit family and would love to make fun of WV in person, hell i usually do it anyways if your there or not...i can also tell you about the 2007 University of Pittsburgh football team

Anonymous said...

so seriously...which WVU coach are the scumbags at UM planning on taking next??

Anonymous said...

my opinion, lunch w/ OSU


Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of retards (I mean posters) are the ones that say "RR would sell out his school bla bla bla for the almighty dollar".

HELLO McFLY??? Would you leave your current job for a MUCH better job? Not to mention after you have asked your current job for some things (more $ to pay assistants) and your AD tells you to F-off.. Hmmmmm, Should I leave buttf*cking WV where I can never get anything better than a 3 star recruit, to go to the University of Michigan. One of the most prestigious college football institutions in the country? WOW tough one. Get a clue you complete morons.

Buccaneer_9 said...

You can't spell C_CK__CKER with out OSU!

Buccaneer_9 said...
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Buccaneer_9 said...

I know we're going to have it rough for a while. Carr's exit along with Dick Rod's arrival has left the cupboard pretty bare as far as talent.

We had the guys that went to the NFL and the guys that tucked tail and ran when they heard Rod was coming (Mallet & that turncoat Boren, etc).

The differences between our old offensive system and this new one is like going from the "Flintstones" to the "Jetsons" and we still have quite a few residents from Bedrock on the roster.

Those who stay will be champions...this doesn't just mean you will win trophies and other awards, it means these kids who decided to stay and play their asses of for the school, student body, alumni, pride, respect will be remembered as the ones who laid the foundation for Michigan's return to greatness.

We're getting our asses kicked on the field, but it's not for lack of effort. The talent level is not there. If Stephen Threet had the physical skills of a Chad Henne, we would be ready to erect a statue in his honor. The kid plays his heart out and as a fan I appreciate that. Nick Sheridan is horrible, but the kid gives his all on every play. The "will" is there, the "skill" is what's lacking.

It just isn't going to happen overnight. These kids will need time to learn and master the system. We have to remember that these are kids and most of the guys who are starting this year will be relegated to the 2nd or 3rd team next year once RR starts to get his guys on the field.

Barwis' program works. we never look tired at the end of games. We just don't have the talent to compete right now.

We'll be good again, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later. we just have to have patience.

"Those who stay will be champions"...that goes for the fans too. Hang in there guys, hang in there.

Anonymous said...

If he were a truly good coach, he would have made this season a bridge to 'his' team with his recruits. Any idiot could modify a scheme to accomodate the players on your actual roster rather than force a system that wont work onto them. As a result, some real Michigan Men, and talented players have left the team. Divisive from Day 1.

He spent 3/4 of his early time after joining UM chasing around Pryor, who ended up going to OSU of all places.. Unacceptable. He was a failure before touching the field.

His shining moment this season was coming back against Wisconsin, and everybody was eager to credit his halftime adjustments.. Then what about Penn State, where we lead at the half but get outscored 32-0 in the 2nd half? Can't have it both ways, RR.

It's a shame they couldn't get Les Miles, but an even bigger shame that this turncoat ended up at a school too good for the type of BS he's brought with him.


Sunday Savant said...

I've lived in Michigan and I've lived in WV. The only difference is that WV's blue collar workers still have jobs. Michigan will be fine in a couple of years under RR. But he'll stab you in the back before it's said and done.

Anonymous said...

My favorite caption:

"A few words: Better than the WVU numbers, any way you look at it."

... except that WVU has FOUR wins while UM has but two. But I guess numerically isn't a way to look at it, right?

wenkerbean said...

I just want to say thank you for writing this... its amazing to hear people bitch and moan about how terrible richrod is and how michigan will never be the same. For all of you haters the incoming recruiting class is going to surprise some people, richrod has verbal commitments from a number of top recruits from around the county...

"Those who stay will be champions"

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above Wenkerbean:

First of all it's not a caption, it is a rebuttal, but I'm sure they didn't teach you that at the Cooter Jenkins Skool Fer Gifted West Virjinnians, also in regards to your actual comment, I would guess that while you were at CJSFGWV that you were in some shitty third-tier fraternity (perhaps Delta Tau Delta?) and you brag to all your sweet frat bros about all the fat girls you romanced up in the holler on the finest of your grand pappy's moonshine. When your sweet frat bros would comment on how ugly your conquests were (even by WV standards) you often "captioned" them with "QUANTITY OVER QUALITY BRAH!!" At this point, they would wait for you to leave and then make fun of you. Which is what everyone reading this blog will do now. Wait for you to go back to the coal mine and then make fun of you.

Anonymous said...

This is what you wanted Michigan, now sit back and take your medicine. He's there until HE decides to leave, (the first offer that pays more) even if he has to go door to door begging for the position. Didn't you take the basketball coach from WV also. How's that working for you, or do you still have a D1 basketball team, I'm not sure? I'm not a fan but I used to like Michigan. If this is what your school is about I think I changed my mind.

Anonymous said...

Michigan & Rodriguez: Perfect for each other.