Saturday, November 1, 2008

UM-Purdue LiveBlog

11:55 AM

Well, we're off to a shaky start...ESPN voters are dead split (good ol' pickem) Bob Knight picks Michigan along with Kirk, Lee picks Purdue. I have a hard time thinking of anything positive that can come out of Bob Knight picking UM. On another note, Bob Knight? Seriously? Gameday is officially 45 minutes too long and they have horrible guests. I guess Bob Knight is better than Kenny Chesney a couple weeks ago. I mean really, I have a hard time caring what Kirk and Lee think, why the hell do I care what Kenny Chesney thinks about a football game?

12:05 PM

Hooray, 3 and out. Good to know that we're living up to our reputation of having the worst third down conversion percentage in the Big Ten.


FUMBLE...TOUCHDOWN before I can even write about the fumble. Noice how the UM D was horribly beat on that QB scramble? What is Harrison doing watching the back all alone on half of the field? Everyone in the stadium knew that guy was running except Harrison. Good to see the running game coming out early though...things are looking pretty good.


3 and out followed by a punt return for a TD? I can't even remember the last UM punt return for a TD. It must have been butterhands Breaston a couple years ago...I guess it wastn't THAT long ago. Seriously, who is this UM team right now? Solid tackling and mistake free football? Or I guess the real question might be...just how bad is Purdue, really?


Okay, forget what I said about tackling. Purdue looks absolutely aweful and they still march straight down the field to score. Passing plays tend to consist of letting the QB dance around in the backfield long enough to throw or run. The guy played RB most of the year and they rush 3 on 3rd and 12? Is there any better way to get a QB going than to give him all day to throw?


Here come the Wolverines we know and love.

1st down Holding
Second 1st down Threet tries to throw a pick 6
Second down False start
Second 2nd down screen pass for a loss
3rd down QB draw for 4 yard gain

Wow. That's a sequence to put on the ol' resume, Threet. Let's see if RR can get these guys settled down and get back to running the ball like they did early.


Wow. First of all, why are we giving these no name receivers 10 yards of cushion EVERY PLAY with a running back playing QB? Stop giving these guys so much credit. Of course, Odoms had to make up for his TD punt return by giving the TD right back dropping a fair catch on the 10. Sigh. All tied up again...


Is this the biggest Jekyl and Hyde team ever or what? They look unstoppable for 3 plays, inept for 3 plays...then unstoppable again. If they ever get some consistancy, they'll be pretty damn good. What's with Purdue bringing 7-8 guys on 3rd down when Threet has been pretty cold? Might as well just put the 6 up on the board if you're going to do that. That's a despiration blitz, not a tactical one.


Now THAT's what I'm talking about! You know a play is destined for greatness when it succeeds despite a poor throw. Fake handoff, pump fake then throw short...which is okay when there's nobody within 10 yards of the receiver. That could have been a an easy TD...but Stonum made it a broken tackle TD instead. The D is tightening up a bit too...let's get this double didgit lead to the locker room!


Or not. At some point in this game I'm assuming we'll get a blitz going, because this guy has all day to do whatever he wants. We'll see what RR comes up with for some halftime adjustments.


How does nobody cover the only good offensive player on Purdue on 3rd down? Seriously? He's the only guy doing anything out there. Cover Sheets, no matter where he goes. I'd bet $10 he was the primary receiver on that play, make the no-names make the plays!


Again, nobody covers Sheets on 3rd down. 3rd and 4th down conversions given up, several missed tackles, no offense. 4 touchdowns. The Purdue QB was a running back 3 weeks ago. Of course, we'll make them look like superstars. Offense, please move the ball, we can't score on every kickoff return.


Again, unstoppable easy march down the field. If these guys ever get this down consistantly, the will be damn good. Now let's see if we can get a stop on a second rate quaterback who has one main option that we can't seem to cover. This game is all going to be up to the D- we get this stop and things will start rolling.


Sigh. After a great scoring drive, quick score right back. I can't even get mad about that hook and ladder play, it was perfectly executed. Timing, everything was perfect. It's really too bad they just can't pull off a win, because there is clearly improvement on the offensive side of the ball. I really can't say what happened to the D today, but when you give a new QB confidence early by not pressing his receivers and letting them have easy passes, it can be difficult to switch that around and stop him.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Live Blog Tomorrow For UM-Purdue

I will be running a live blog tomorrow for anyone that wants to read my commentary and/or join me in discussing the game as it unfolds. I'll probably put up an update for every major game event, and I'll monitor comments for discussion.

After the 4th quarter disaster that was last week, I'll refrain from any elaborate discussions revolving around why UM will beat Purdue. I'll only give one reason this week- If UM doesn't beat Purdue, a 2 win season becomes a very real possibility. I trust RR to lead UM to a season at least equivalent to Notre Dame's debacle of a season last year, so if there is to be a win #3...this is it.

Enjoy the game Saturday, and as always, RichRodRox!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Top 10 Reasonably Serious Reasons Why UM Will Beat State This Weekend

…And I didn’t even have to use any actual tactical football reasons to get ten! If you want actual football analysis and boring UM defense vs. MSU offense ho-hum stuff, go to

10.) The game is in Ann Arbor. Although the Maize and Blue don’t have the best home record (2-3, average margin -3.6) this year, it’s still better than their away record (0-2, average margin -23.5). From a mathematical standpoint, it’s difficult to argue that losing by an average of 23.5ppg is better than losing by an average of 3.6ppg. Hey, I learned a few things here and there while earning a degree.

9.) Well, RRR, of course! Seriously, if RR can’t rally the boys against State, we’re really going to be in trouble against Ohio State. Like 70-0, bury-your-head-in-the-ground to-avoid-the-shame trouble.

8.) The Michigan State inferiority complex. But don’t take my word for it. This is a phenomenon that you, yourself can observe from an average MSU fan, but particularly from their alumni. I’ll begin with this caveat- as much crap as I give State fans; I’m not oblivious to the fact that it is a decent overall school with several top academic programs. In other words, MSU alums shouldn’t have to defend their allegiance to MSU…yet they do, constantly, year after year.

This complex is easily provoked by
a.) Making fun of MSU
b.) Referring to UM as “us,” or “we.”

The canned responses are either “Where did you go to school,” “Where is your degree from,” or the classic “Are you on the team? What position do you play?” The responses are so uniform I swear they teach this in Freshman Orientation at State. I’m convinced MSU fans/Alumni truly believe you can’t cheer for a team unless you have a degree from the school…like its some big accomplishment out of the reach of the average individual to get a Communications degree from State.

State Alums: Until MSU gives the country a reason to be non-alumni State fans, accept that UM will have more fans than MSU that didn’t go to the school. It’s not our fault we have (see what I did there?) the most wins in NCAA history. It attracts a lot of fans, what can you do? The next time someone makes fun of you for going to State/cheering for State, realize that they probably didn’t go to Michigan or any other decent university. Get down off of your Cross, use the wood to build yourself a bridge and GET OVER IT.

State and UM are both great…I mean, for being public schools. But that part goes without saying.

7.) The Michigan State team demeanor. Let’s face it; the MSU program is primarily composed of athletes that either didn’t get recruited by UM or OSU, for whatever reason. I’ve developed a theory that this reason is not athletic skill, as their players surely run, pass, catch and tackle reasonably well- and in some cases, extremely well. There is a lot of talent on the MSU sideline. However, they also seem to be comprised of some of the biggest boneheaded, temper tantrum throwing, emotionally unstable players I’ve seen on ANY team. You want something you can count on from an MSU team? I’ll tell you- a critical unnecessary penalty (late hit, false start, offside, pick one…or all) or untimely pick/fumble/drop. They consistently give away games that their skill should have won. There is something mentally wrong with the players recruited to MSU. Maybe “wrong” isn’t the best assessment; it’s just that their level of talent does not align with their mental capacity for the game. Whether it is the chip on the proverbial shoulder from not getting recruiting attention from bigger programs or something else entirely- something causes their players to be prone to what pundits and announcers refer to as “The big mistake,” and State fans have seen it time and time again.

Now I’ll give Dantonio credit- he’s the first no-BS guy they’ve hired in my lifetime and he appears to be changing some of this. He’s the disciplinarian that MSU needed to keep these kids grounded…but deep down they’re still the same players with the same issues. I don’t think OSU was 5 touchdowns better than MSU, and I don’t think OSU got up for the game that much. What you saw, pure and simple, was another MSU mental meltdown. If this weekend’s game is close, pay close attention to MSU down the stretch to see if this truly is Dantonio’s new attitude team…or just another group of headcases.

6.) The Ruination Factor. How rare is it that UM is in the position to ruin State’s season? OSU did manage to take the edge off of the ruination factor, but at 6-2, they’re well ahead of where they finished last year. This leads nicely into…

5.) It’s time for the annual MSU meltdown. Let’s take a look at the last few State Seasons:
2007 Started 5-2, Finished 7-6 Record Before UM 5-4, After 2-2
2006 Started 3-0, Finished 4-8 Record Before UM 3-2, After 1-6
2005 Started 4-0, Finished 5-6 Record Before UM 4-0, After 1-6
2004 Started 4-3, Finished 5-7 Record Before UM 4-3, After 1-3
2003 Started 7-1, Finished 8-5 Record Before UM 7-1, After 1-4

The only time in the last 5 years that MSU hasn’t completely self destructed during and after the UM game was last year…and that was because they had already hit the self destruct button a month prior. I blame this on scheduling the game later in the year, as State probably figured they could do better by postponing the UM triggered devastation as far as possible into the season.

4.) The MSU fight song. My version, or should I say the version passed to me by a State fan (no lie), sings as follows:

(For reference, check this youtube link start singing at the 0:25 second mark)

Go to school at M S U
Learn to count to teeeeeeeen
If you go and f*** it up,
Then you can start again
1, 3, 5
Look at us we’re drunk and dumb
And we don’t even caaaaaaare
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Holy s*** we’re halfway theeeeeere!

Sing it, love it, share it. Too distasteful? Perhaps…but it’s more imaginative than “Go Blow” or the ever popular "Assholes of the West."

3.) Neutral clock officials. The last time MSU managed to win a game against UM, they had to cheat by “saving” a second on the game clock during a spike play. Now I know what you’re going to say- you saw the ESPN replay and they had an actual clock there and it showed that it was legit blah blah blah. Fact: As a result of this game, the clock went from being operated by the home team to having a neutral clock official. If that isn’t an admission of wrongdoing, I don’t know what is.

2.) Low expectations all around. UM has nothing to lose at this point in the season. Bowl streak, winning season streaks…all gone. MSU is just plain used to losing. State fans accept losing not just because of State, but because most of them are Lions fans too. Imagine how that feels- the only redeeming characteristic of the two teams you care about is that they’re “lovable losers.” Ouch.

Example: In 2004, I was dating an MSU student and after the UM game her away message on AIM was something one of her professors had either sent out or put on the board in class (I don’t remember, exactly). It basically congratulated MSU on covering the spread, after squandering a double digit fourth quarter lead and giving up 3 receiving touchdowns to the same guy (God?) in the fourth and OT. Seriously, he congratulated them on COVERING THE SPREAD. He went on to poke fun at the celebration by the UM players and fans as being excessive for beating the heavy underdog Spartans. I can’t make this stuff up, people.

1.) Call it fate. Call it luck. Call it karma. I believe that everything that has happened this year happened for a reason; to shake things up a bit, to not take 8-9 wins a season for granted, to make the Lloyd haters rethink themselves, to shake out the true fans. Remember, it’s always darkest before dawn, and last week’s PSU game was about as pitch black as it can get. There are going to be little sparks of hope strung along the way before the RR machine starts firing on all cylinders, and I feel one of those coming on Saturday.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Many Thanks, More to Come

I want to give a big thanks to Mallory Rubin over at SI On Campus for not only mentioning RRR in Campus Clicks but integrating it into the top story of the day. If you missed it, which I doubt because it's probably the reason you ended up checking us out, the article can still be seen here.

Judging from the comments I can see I'm not the only RR supporter, and I have confidence the rest of you will eventually come around (WV sadists and Buckeyes excluded, that is).

There's a lot more to come from us here at RRR, and of course RR himself because we all know he's not going anywhere.

If you have comments but don't want to argue across the interwebz, you can toss me an email at I won't publish or publicly comment on your emails without permission...well, probably not, anyways.

Stay tuned for my Top 10 Reasons Why UM Will Beat MSU This Weekend, publishing on a "whenever I get around to it" basis.

I'm hoping to make it to the game in person, but my weekend is looking pretty booked. If I make it, rest assured I will be adopting a "F*** you, fight me" policy for anyone sitting nearby who has nothing but unconstructive quasi-fan drivel complaints for RR. If you can't think of something at least decent to say, make like the 70 year old couple sitting next to you that has been going to games since you were naught but an itch in your Daddy's pants and STFU. Except unlike them, please, for the love of God, make some noise on 3rd Down.

As always, RICHRODROX!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Fans" Are Out of Control

The anti- RichRod talk is just getting ridiculous. There was recently an article on about how Bill Martin is sticking behind RichRod despite some of the recent losses (and what did you expect him to do, Bill Martin backed Carr after losing to App. State). After the article, I began to peruse the comments left by the Neanderthals that lurk Conversation sections in search of a sense of self worth and validation for their opinions. What follows are actual comments left by (I assume) actual people.

bill martin has to back dickrod, because if this thing dont work out..........and it wont then he might be out of a job to. michigan has made a few coaching changes in the last 33 years, and this coach is the first not to go to a bowl, whats wrong ? let me tell u, michigan wasnt ready for the spread this year. but it is the only offense he knows. michigan might go 3-9 this year. so next year if he recruits the right players he might go 4-8 or 5-7 and he can say " look we r making progress " so after 4 or 5 seasons this idiot might get u to a bowl. to me thats not michigan football. the whole country is laughing at your program right now, i dont know how that would feel after being on top for over 50 years. good luck with coach dick rod. oh, and 6 or 7 years from now if you guys go 12-0 and win the national championship, and div.3-a cal poly tech comes along and offers him an extra thousand dollars, he will leave you. dont u people get it ? he not only screwed a whole state. (his home state) but he threw the final game of the year so that w.v.u. wouldnt go to the bcs national game, so that he could go on his knees to ask michigan for a job. i hope the people that hired this man without morals go down with him after he screws your program up. GOOD LUCK ALL

Wow, where to begin? I think I’ll address this with the “Compliment sandwich,” where I start with something nice, find something I disagree with, then finish with something nice. Sooo…something nice…ok, “dickrod,” is very clever…for a third grader. Something that I disagree with…Michigan not ready for the spread and “might” go 3-9 this year. Hey professor, guess what? RichRod went 3-8 his first year at WVU. Then he followed that up with 9-4, 8-5, 8-4, 11-1 and 11-2. How about you help yourself to a history book, you retard.

Ok, screw the compliment sandwich. Michigan being on top for the last 50 years? Does that include last year when a senior laden team lost to App State, Wisconsin (who RichRod BEAT this year), Oregon, and Ohio State? Does that include Carr’s last 5 years of getting owned by Tressel? Are you including the bowl streak that includes about 8 consecutive years at the prestigious Citrus/Capital One/Whoever buys it out this year Bowl? As in, the first game on New Year’s day that everyone sleeps through because of their hangover? At least this year I get to sleep in. Yeah, that’s on top, all right.

And yes, I’m sure RichRod would leave Michigan to go to Cal Poly Tech. Because that would be the same thing as leaving awesome West Virginia for a program with some actual tradition. You know, West Virginia, the state that exists so that Ohio isn’t automatically classified as the worst state in the Union.

And I’m sure RichRod threw the game against Pitt, what, with his Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback injured and star running back all of a sudden putting the ball on the ground every other play. Did you watch the game?

The thing RichRod lacked in WV was an actual defense. They were always a decent defense away from being a constant #1 contender. You can get any speedy guys to run the spread, but now, with actual recruiting power, he will get the players he needs to create a top rated defense.

Next comment, please.

I hate to say, no, scratch that, I LOVE to say we told you so. I love every minute that UM is losing, I love every boo that rains down, I love the fact that he's scared before every game(and I have confirmed that before th PSU game he was pacing his 12000 sq ft house nervously). When UM first picked him up and all of the blue and gold fan base was angry, all you UM fans did was rub in it. I remember one fan telling us that RR was too good of a coach to be at WVU and to have fun slipping back in to mediocrity.

4 dictionary results for: sadist Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
sa·dism /ˈseɪdɪzəm, ˈsædɪz-/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[sey-diz-uhm, sad-iz-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun 1. Psychiatry. sexual gratification gained through causing pain or degradation to others. Compare masochism.
2. any enjoyment in being cruel.
3. extreme cruelty.
4. the douchebag that wrote the above post

Who installed the internet down in West Virginia? This is why we can’t have nice things.

I’ll address this with facts, instead of emotions:

West Virginia 3, East Carolina 24
West Virginia 14, Colorado 17
West Virginia Victories (Div 1-A Record): Villanova (1-1), Marshall (2-4), Rutgers (1-5), Syracuse (0-6). Combined Division 1-A record: 4-16. One word: Impressive.

Michigan Victories: Wisconsin (3-4), Miami OH (1-5). Combined 1-A record: 4-9. A few words: Better than the WVU numbers, any way you look at it.


Everyone wants to give Rich Rod a break - BS - All I see is a coach that CANNOT make second half adjustments and doesn't play to HIS players strengths (which by the way is a sign of a good coach). I have been a fan my entire life and will continue to be a fan - BUT THIS MAN NEEDS TO GO!!!! It's like he wants to lose so next year if he wins 5 we'll be stupid enough to think he's a good coach - DON'T be fooled HE ruined a program THAT WASN'T BROKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, how about some facts to spread some light to your miserable existence.

Michigan players taken in the 2008 NFL Draft:
Adrian Arrington
Mike Hart
Chad Henne
Jake Long
Mario Manningham

As a Michigan Fan, do you recognize these names? You should, because they made EVERY PLAY OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE LAST YEAR. And they are no longer on the team. If RichRod had come in and run the ho-hum I formation with occasional spread on obvious passing downs (aka “The Carr”), how much better do you really think they would be? One game? Two games? All the while delaying the inevitable switch to the spread that has to take place at some point, because it was the whole point of hiring RichRod. At some point, they just have to bite the bullet and have some growing pains. The team hasn’t quit on him yet, that’s all that really matters. Stop acting like a downriver, Carhart-wearing, community college degree having “fan” that demands wins, has no patience, and can’t

It hurts me to see the Maize and Blue lose too, but the difference between me and you is that I’m not retarded and I don’t expect a 9 win season from a bunch of freshmen and a handful of players that weren’t quite ready to jump ship to the NFL. Get this through your thick skulls: The talent level at Michigan is way down compared to last year- mostly on the offensive side of the ball. Lots of potential, just not quite ready for the big time yet.

One last word- RICHRODROX!

Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Reasons Why RichRodRox.

10) Rita - Besides being hot, in an extra crispy sort of way. Also, she picks the starting offensive linemen out of a hat before every game. It's the only fair way to do it!
9) Excitement, Excitement, Excitement! Who else can make sure Blue fans are on the edge of their seats ALL the way through a mid-season, home, MAC game?? Only R^2, which is why RRR!
8) Marketing - Look at how man shirts Notre Dame sells every 3 years when they "Return To Glory" and how much coverage 'Bama gets when they're able to put together a half way successful season twice a decade. RR will make sure we get that same coverage by alternating mind blowing failure with mediocratiy, at a level that not even the Big 10 can gaurunteee. Plus, if it's a big deal to miss one bowl game... imagine the head lines when we miss our 3rd or 4th. The man is a GENIUS!! RRR!
7) Tyrell Pryor may be a one man offensive armory, but he's a bit more lippy than we like our freshmen! Besides, think of how many carries he'd be taking from ULTRAMCGUFFIEMANBOYPIG.
6) He's a very generous man - Knowing that Joe Pa's days are numbered, he made sure to play Threet quaterback virtually ensuring that the old guy would see his Lions beat Blue one last time... I'm sure when they produce the "JOE-PA Story" RR will be given a role similar to the janitor in Rudy... or the drunk in Hoosiers.
5) Instant Motivators - By allowing all of our yearly rivals to beat us, RR has a stockpile of motivational speeches for next year!!!!! Just think how pumped everyone will be when RR makes everyone do 14 push-ups every day all summer as a reminded of how many points it would have taken to beat Toledo... INTENSE!!! RRR!!!!
4) Weeding out the weaklings - anyone who isn't dedicated to being a Michigan MAN will be gone at the end of the season, leaving us with only the 14 or 15 most dedicated or least transferable players. Let me remind you we only need 11 to field a team, which leaves a full 3 or 4 man reserve roster, full to the brim with players that BLEED maize and blue.
3) Recruiting - he's a shoe in to pull a GREAT class. I mean litterally, any kid starting on a varsity team anywhere in the country right now would be an improvement at quaterback. Literally anyone. No other coach can walk into a prospect's home and tell them that they "Are the man we want to start next year, because no matter who you are, you are most likely better than the person we have starting at your position right now" with a straight face quite like RR can.
2) It's not RR, it's Adidas - Seriously, the jersey's don't breathe right and they're kind of slippery. Once we get that figured out we'll be like... 13 - 0 or something. So just leave RR alone. RichRodRox!!!
1) HE BEAT WISCONSIN!!!! And, we could totally start a rivalry with them once OSU, ND, MSU and Toledo laugh us off their schedules. Yeah!! RRR!!!